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Open-ended employment contract aimed at training and youth employment
The apprenticeship contract

Apprenticeship is an open-ended employment contract aimed at training and youth employment for young people between the ages of 15 and 29.

It is distinguished from other contracts by the presence of mandatory training for the apprentice: the new apprenticeship contract aims to train young people for the labor market. The company, therefore, in addition to paying a fee for the work performed must provide the apprentice with vocational training.

JobFarm’s offering.
ACTL and RECRUIT organize both funded and catalog-based mandatory cross-training courses for apprentices. Apprentices (in professionalizing apprenticeship under Art. 44 of Legislative Decree81/2015) hired by companies with registered and/or operational headquarters in Milan and province, Varese or Lazio Region can participate in the training. ACTL and Recruit deliver courses related to the first module, the second module also in FAD mode. It is possible to apply for mandatory health and safety training-low risk.

Luna Dossola


Benedetta Ciarlantini


We manage the different stages of vocational apprenticeships

We deal with apprentice search and selection, drafting of the
contract, drafting the individual training plan.
We also carry out monitoring of the training booklet.

We support the company in the following processes:

Mandatory training of the apprentice

External training planning

Documentation management

Drafting of the Apprenticeship Contract

Drafting the Individual Training Plan

Recording of activities in the training booklet

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